Upcoming events

Yom Teruah

From Friday Sept 15th at evening to Saturday, Sept. 16th, 2023 at evening

Location: Beit DCB-382 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Yom Teruah (Day of the Blowing) welcomes in the 7th month on the Hebrew Calendar. Come and enjoy a day worship, joy and reflection.

Yom Kippor

From Sunday Sept 24h at evening to Monday, Sept. 25h, 2023 at evening

Location: Beit DCB-382 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Yom Kippor (Day of Atonement) is the day of reflection, prayer, worship and healing. As we come before The Creator to ask for his forgiveness for our trespasses against him we also look to heal with one another and become  closer as a community. Come and observe a day worship, fasting and reflection.

Sukkot - Shmeni Atzeret

Sukkot Day 1 -7: Friday, September 29, 2023  at evening to Friday October 6, 2023 at evening
Shmeni Atzeret: Friday,, October 6 at evening to Saturday, Oct 7th at evening.. 

St. Paul Church

Location: Beit DCB-382 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) is a 7 day feast of joy nad glorification to The Creator and of our 3 appointed season of male appearance before The Most High. The Season culminates with the observance of Shmeni Atzeret (Eight Day of 'Solemn Assembly"), a day of praise, worship and devotion.



Friday, May 26 at 12 PM

382 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Celebrate and Observe the Feast of weeks with the DCB as we glorify the creator and all he has blessed us with..                          

Unity Shabbat Kwoom

Saturday, May 26 at 11 AM

120 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11231

A day of unity, love, peace and harmony for the Hebrew Israelite community.  Come enjoy our yearly gathering of congregations, guests and truth seeker as we collectively glorify The Creator.  

Youth Day Family outing

Sunday, June 18  at 12:00 PM

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn NY 11201

Enjoy a time of fun, food and festivities with the Family.                                                                                                                                


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